Frequently Asked Questions

What grades does CCOA serve?

CCOA serves students in grades 4-12.

Do students receive a diploma?

Yes. CCOA will conduct a graduation ceremony for their students. CCOA students do not participate in the graduation ceremony of their home/district school.

Is CCOA a credit-recovery program?

No. CCOA does not offer credit recovery.

Can students learn at their own pace?

Yes, but with limits. CCOA teachers have weekly deadlines that students must meet for attendance purposes. CCOA students are also required to attend weekly office hours held by their teachers. The duration of the meeting is decided by the teacher.

Is CCOA a homeschool program?

No. CCOA is a public school.

Is CCOA an alternative program?

No. CCOA is a fully accredited, year-long public school. CCOA is not a short-term program.

What curriculum is used by CCOA teachers?

All of our curricula are created by licensed TN teachers who teach in the Carter County School System. We follow the Tennessee State Standards.

Do students have to show up in person?

Yes, students must show up in person to take AimsWeb, TNReady, End of Course, and/or ACT/SAT tests. These tests are required in order to remain a student at CCOA.

I have a student transferring from CCOA. Who do I contact for grades/transcripts?

Please contact CCOA's counselor, Shellie McKinney, regarding grade/transcript requests. Email shelliemckinney@carterk12.net for more information.