New Student Email

All students from grades 3 through 12 have been granted Email from the Carter County school system.

New students when enrolled are entered into the student information system(Skyward). when this has been completed there is a technical process which can take up to 2 weeks to complete to get the student into the system and have their email account ready for use. This process may take less than 2 week but usually not longer than this. If after the grace period the student still cannot access the email, they need to let the administration at the school know so they can contact IT to investigate the issue.

All Student accounts have unlimited storage space for documents and email on the publicly accessible Email. Our email is granted through Google and access can be obtained with pretty much any browser by going to and entering your account detail.

The new accounts are created as follows:

Email account name:

default password: newstudent1234

The student account name is created by the first and last names as listed when registered. all together no spaces with lower case followed by the last 2 digits of the student ID located in Skyward or Family Access as the "Other" ID. The password defaults as above and will not vary in any way. this way if you have requested to have your password reset, this is the value that will be input. DO NOT CREATE PASSWORDS FOR THE STUDENTS. EACH STUDENT MUST CREATE THIER OWN PASSWORD THEY WILL REMEMBER. THIS HAS BEEN CAUSING PROBLEMS AND HAS BEEN ADDRESSED BY ADMINISTRATION AND THEY HAVE MADE THIS DECISION.

For outgoing seniors, Google has created a program where, if desired, a student can migrate their carterk12 email to their own personal Google Gmail account after graduation. This process from Google is known as Google Takeout. those who are interested in this should request from their guidance counselors, who, in turn will contact one of the staff in IT to obtain what is needed to obtain this migration information. you can also search on Google about the program to obtain this information as we do not have any special settings for that.