New Employee Email

New employees hired at Carter County Schools as full time, non temporary employees will receive access to the county email system.

Upon completion of their hiring process with Central Office, Human Resources sends in the employees details to IT, from there, the system process will have the employees new email setup within 2 weeks. If after this grace period the employee still does not have access. he/she should have their immediate supervisor send in a work order or contact someone in technology to investigate the issue.

New employee email accounts are created as follows:

Go to and enter your new email and default password

Email Username:

Default password: newuser1234

The username is subject to change if there is a duplicate first & last name already hired into the system, from this the usual process that would follow is the email would be appended with a 2 digit value beginning with 01.

The password is default and not subject to vary in any way, that way if someone requests an account password reset, this is the value which will be input.

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Go to and click on Sign In

After entering your email address, click next

After putting in newuser1234 click next

Click Accept

Here you will enter a new password that you create

That should be all you need to do, Welcome to Email!