Email Transfer Tutorial

The following is an instructional page on how to transfer your existing school e-mail to your own personal Gmail account.

Every Carter County School Email user has the ability to transfer their school account to their own personal gmail account upon graduation. You can do this at any time, however, most choose to move their account when they graduate so they can take their emails and data with them.


During the summer the IT staff is very busy getting ready for the next school year and one of the summer tasks is to clean up the email database. We keep all accounts up and active for only a short time after school lets out for summer. If you are planning on transferring your email to your own Gmail account you should do so within a couple weeks after graduation, typically July 1 is when IT starts creating new accounts for incoming students and removing old accounts of those who have graduated. The process is automatic and there is no way to opt certain students out of this process, when you are considered "inactive" on Student Management(Skyward), the system first disables the inactive accounts, then upon next sync, it removes the disabled accounts. It is very important that if you want your information to transfer it before this occurs, there is no way for us to retrieve information once it has been purged.

The links below take you directly to Support at Google that will instruct you on how to transfer your school email to your own personal account.

There is also a video below detailing this process.

Student link to transfer instructions

Student link to transfer page