Patrick Kelly

Melissa McClain

Dr. Erica Preswood

Michelle Lovelace

What we do...

  1. Train teachers on the use of best practices with the various devices and programs with which students and teachers work.

    1. Best practices for Canvas LMS.

    2. Best practices for Google Suite.

    3. Best practices with MS Office.

    4. Best practices with Apple Suite.

    5. Best practices for Viewsonic smart boards.

  2. Help with Windows operating systems.

  3. Help with IOS operating systems.

  4. Help with Skyward SIS.

  5. Basic troubleshooting skills with computers, laptops, printers, iPads, internet connections, ViewSonic Boards.

  6. Assist in evaluating Educational Internet applications for best practices.


Educational Technology Help Request

Need educational technology assistance? Email us at, and one of our educational technology coaches will reach out to assist you.