Instructions for new students entering the Carter County school system

Instructions for moving existing email account to a personal gmail account upon graduation

Instructions for new employees hired at Carter County Schools

Instructions to backup and transfer your email and other data on our system

For those who are having difficulty with their Raptor ID system, this link will help run through some basic troubleshooting tips. if these do not help and you are still having issues, please have your principal or designated contact turn in a work order

This page is for turning in work orders. Please note, only certain individuals have access to successfully turn in work orders. Please consult with your principal to see who your work order needs to be turned in to.

This page I found for Tips on Powerpoint for Teachers looks to be a great resource. 

Great information from  Promethean to help those looking for help on them.

Our Purpose

We are here to help you use the technology that helps students learn, think, and be creative. 

Our goal is:
to install, manage and maintain technology and internet services to help all students and faculty achieve their highest goals.

The Technology Center facilities are located on State Line rd just next to the Carter County School Bus garage. 

Everyone is encouraged to visit, although we may be out and about in the county working at the schools.

Our New Facility!

We will post useful links above and technical documents below to help in any way we can to make your experience with our system the best it can be. 

Meet Our Technical Staff


Technology Coordinator
Skyward Assistance
Microsoft Windows Specialist
Computer Imaging
Wiring and Infrastructure


Technical Support Specialist

Read 180, Distance Learning

Gradpoint (credit recovery)

Website Support

Accelerated Reader(AR)

iPad & iPod screen repair  

Technical Support Specialist 
Networking Specialist 
Wireless Networking Specialist 
Skyward Assistance
Apple Specialist

Technical Support Specialist 
Microsoft Windows Specialist
Wiring and Infrastructure
Computer Specialist 
Computer Imaging