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Coronavirus Update:
Carter County Schools are following guidance from the local and state health departments along with CDC information regarding coronavirus/COVID-19.  The links below contain the most current guidance from the CDC.  Carter County Schools will refer to this guidance along with any additional information received from the TN Dept. of Health when making decisions in regard to protecting our students and community during this global outbreak. Please check back here as information will be updated as often as necessary to provide parents the most current information.  Please contact our office at 542-9628 or by email at

March 11, 2020

Carter County Schools is in communication with the TN Dept. of Education and the TN Dept. of Health and is actively monitoring the latest information and guidance regarding coronavirus/COVID-19.  The health and safety of our students and staff is our first priority. We are following CDC guidelines for preventative measures such as environmental cleaning, encouraging good hygiene, and monitoring absenteeism. We are providing schools with additional cleaning supplies to increase the frequency of routine cleaning. Should a local outbreak occur, we will follow the guidance given by public health experts as we make operational decisions. Please visit the Carter County Schools’ web page and social media pages for updates and additional resources. 

See attachments at the bottom of this page for additional resources. 

Beth Bare, Coordinator

        Lacey Pasquale, Program Assistant

Learn more about Coordinated School Health by visiting the state website:

What is Coordinated School Health (CSH)?


CSH is an effective system designed to connect health with education. 

Students’ health and their capacity to learn are enhanced through the

support of families, communities, and schools who work together in a

coordinated, focused, and cost effective manner.



                        Eight Components of CSH


·         School Health Education


·         Physical Education and Activity


·         Nutrition Services


·         School Health Services


·         School Counseling, Psychological and Social Services


·         Healthy and Safe School Environment


·         Student, Family, and Community Involvement in Schools


·         Health Promotion for School Staff



How Does CSH benefit my child?

CSH helps children by increasing their health so they are ready to

learn at school.  CSH reduces absenteeism, increases access to health

care services and screenings, increases physical activity, and educates

students on making healthy decisions for life!



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