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Coordinated School Health

                What is Coordinated School Health (CSH)?


CSH is an effective system designed to connect health with education. 

Students’ health and their capacity to learn are enhanced through the

support of families, communities, and schools who work together in a

coordinated, focused, and cost effective manner.



                        Eight Components of CSH


·         School Health Education


·         Physical Education and Activity


·         Nutrition Services


·         School Health Services


·         School Counseling, Psychological and Social Services


·         Healthy and Safe School Environment


·         Student, Family, and Community Involvement in Schools


·         Health Promotion for School Staff



How Does CSH benefit my child?

CSH helps children by increasing their health so they are ready to

learn at school.  CSH reduces absenteeism, increases access to health

care services and screenings, increases physical activity, and educates

students on making healthy decisions for life!



Beth Bare, Coordinator

Learn more about Coordinated School Health by visiting the state website:
Lacey Pasquale, Program Assistant

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